Sunday Snapshot - "Balloons"

June 10, 2012

Reagan and Her Balloons TWO2 BLOG
Friday night we went out in search of some new locations for a few client shoots I have scheduled later this month.

Pull them back in Reags2 BLOG
Just to liven things up, I told the girls we were going to use some balloons for this series of photos.

Balloons In Focus Reags BLOG
I have attempted this before before and have never really been that successful.

Holding on to those balloons for dear life BLOG
Balloons can be difficult to control, especially for a little one like Reagan.

Reagan and Her Balloons2 BLOG
But she did a fantastic job!!!
Even with the slight breeze in the air, she managed to work those balloons.

Two Sisters and A Bunch of Balloons BLOG
The only problem..... I didn't have TWO bunches of balloons.
Reags was having so much fun with them, she did not want to give them up and hand them over to her sister.

Sarah and Reagan Walking Down the Stone Path at the Farm BLOG
It's a good thing she has the best big sister in the world!!
Sarah let Reagan hold them until we were done with the photos and said she would play with them later when we got home.

Luckily, all of the balloons made it home. I always have them tie a little weight to the bottom of the bouquet just in case someone were to let go!

I am still sorting through these photos and will post more later this week along with photos of the new graduate!! The graduation mass yesterday was beautiful and bittersweet!
A great day for Nick and his very proud parents:)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Camera: Canon 5d Markiii
Lens: Canon 85mm f1.2
The settings for the top photo were:
SS 1/2500
ISO 100

Photos were processed with Add Some Drama (Florabella's Classic Workflow Set) tweaked and at a reduced opacity. I also used a few textures created by Sarah Gardner on this series to give the pictures that soft, white, dreamy feel

Ni Hao Yall

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Unknown said...

Adorable! Sheesh do they dress cute!
Congrats on Nicks graduation!
Lots of love,

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics! :)

Kimberley said...

These are so precious Lisa! And thank you so much for the links. You are the best friend that a small business can have. Thank you for all of your support over the years. You have always been so patient and willing to try the new product lines.

Kim said...

Everything about these photos is "dreamy" indeed! What a gift you have in documenting your blessings!

Kim said...

BEAUTIFUL... like always..
love ya .
Happy Sunday..

carolinagirl said...

i love this series. the setting looks amazing. the way you processed these is just beautiful.

Diane said...

GORGEOUS! I think this series of photo's of Sarah And Regs are my new "fav's"! The location is spectacular and the girls could not be more adorable!! It never ceases to amaze me in the fact that not only do you "push your students", you "push yourself" to continue to learn andgrow as a photographer so you can teach and share with everyone....AMAZING!! I have yet to meet anyone that does that! You always leave us with wanting to see more of your beautiful photos. AMAZING!
Have a wonderful Sunday:)
God Bless,

Unknown said...

These are beautiful Lisa! I love the yellow and purple theme! You always have great ideas I want to try!!!

Susan said...

These pictures were INCREDIBLE!! Oh my...I just love coming over here to visit.

Your work inspires me.

Beautiful girls...

Happy Sunday♥

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Let me start by saying these are absolutely dreamy! You dress the girls in such an adorable way, and then add the balloons and that light! Ahhhh amazing!

Gail said...

Incredible. Everything, the location, your little ones and balloons! And of course the colors.
I think the best word to describe these would be 'ethereal.'

Understanding how bittersweet graduations are, I know how it was for you. Can't wait to see those pics too!

Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

These are incredible photos!

Unknown said...

So beautiful, the light is amazing!

amy said...

These are BEAUTIFUL Lisa! This may be one of my favorite series you have taken with them:) Love the soft and dreamy feel of all the pictures. Reagan did a great job with the balloons and the location is amazing! Can't wait to see pictures of your handsome Nick with graduation!

Happy Sunday!


Seeing Each Day said...

You just keep outdoing yourself Lisa, these are beautiful , especially love the one of the girls from behind.

Mimi said...

Love your photos Lisa, they have gorgeous colours and feel to them, reminds me of neapolitan ice-cream!
The girls gear is fab! I'm here wishing I had a little one so I could click on those links!
I always enjoy reading your words too, your descriptions of what happened on your shoots.
Sarah is an incredibly generous and patient girl, hard to believe how young she is. She is a great big sis!

Stefanie said...

I am going to second what Diana said... these are fabulous. And YOU are fabulous! What an inspiration you are, my friend :)

the meaklims said...

These are quite positively dreamy and gorgeous. Well done my friend.

Happy Sunday!

Jboo said...

Such lovely photos and your girls!!

Big helium shortage around these parts!!

Miss being in your class already -- sniff, sniff!!!

Congrats to the graduate and parents!!

Hoots Momma said...

lisa where did you find such full tutus? I need one for libster!

Lucy. said...

Ohh my god! they're so cute, and I looove your photos!!!

Unknown said...

These photos are so dreamy. The lighting is simply divine. The girls are gorgeous. What else is there to say? Really. Fabulous!

Virginia said...

These shots just take me to a happy place. Beautiful!

Gin =)

DiJo said...

My new favorite set from you! These are so soft and lovely!! The one where they are walking together from behind is so sweet!!!!

Again, you inspire me!!!


DiJo said...

P.S: Awesome Location!!!!!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my word. These take my breath Lisa! I love them. Your family has such a huge place in my heart - seeing these just takes me to another place. Hugs!

Dita said...

Love everything about these photos...the creamy, dreaminess...the colors and by FAR more...the smiles on those gorgeous baby girls of yours.

Soooooooooo beautiful! Love them. You always surprise and delight!


Carly said...

beautiful photos!

Cropped Stories said...

Gorgeous shots as always! I love them!

Unknown said...

AWESOMENESS! :) My favoured are the third one and the ones with Sarah. I also love how you edited them.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Absolutely perfect in every way!!! So light and fresh and beautiful! What a wonderful location... love it! :-) Hope you're having a great week! xo

JulieM said...

These are beautiful. I love the colors and the soft dreamy look! I have felt so blessed to learn from you! You are so talented and once again your gift is demonstrated through this beautiful set of your beautiful girls! So inspiring!

M3 said...

Gorg!! Love these, everything about them. (By the way, Reagan looks a teensy bit older all of a sudden in these to me. I think I'm just wanting to slow down time as we head into summer.)

Unknown said...

omg...Lisa....these are unreal. You are a real dream photographer....thanks for the settings. I'm doing my son Austin's Sr. photos....I have not idea what i'm doing!