Will and Zach

June 22, 2012

Zach against the chainlink fence BLOG
The last few posts have been short on photos......so unlike me.

will chainlink fence blog
Well, this post is certainly going to make up for that:)

Sitting in front of the iron fence Will and Zach BLOG
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing these two adorable little guys!!
I have known their Mom for most of my life. We lost touch after high school but recently reconnected through Facebook.

zach brick wall yellow pole BLOG
Tiffany, my friend is a beautiful girl inside and out and when we were growing up, she did some modeling and acting. She actually still does a little of both, and her two cuties do as well!!

zach hanging onto the iron gate2 BLOG
Neither one of them is shy in front of the camera....

Sneakers over the brick wall blog
In fact, quite the opposite is true.

pipe against the brick wall and will BLOG
He really could not take a bad photo if he tried!
He has such a great look. If you have ever seen the commercial
or print ads for the Estee Launder perfume, Beautiful, then you have seen Will.
That is him all dressed up with the "beautiful" bride.

coke collage
It was a rather warm evening, so I had a treat up my sleeves that the boys loved and at the same time, it added a fun new element to the next few photos!

Zach Coke In Hand2 BLOG
Zach is about as precious as they come!
He is super sweet and he literally had me at "hello".
Look at those baby blues and that funky hair!

Coke in Hand Will BLOG
And then there is supermodel Will!!!
No matter if he is smiling ear to ear or serious, the camera just LOVES him.

Standing up drinking coca cola BLOG
Once the old fashioned coca cola bottles came out, I sort of just let them do their thing........

Hand over mouth coke in hand blog
and continued to snap some candids....which usually end up being my favorites:)

the boys in plaid at the grey pole BLOG
After the sugar kicked in, the boys slipped into something else, just to change things up.

Boys will be boys Will and Zach BLOG
I had such a fun evening with Will, Zach, and my friend Tiffany!
The time flew by and once we parted ways, I was anxious to get home and start the infamous download!

Trust me when I say, I have never had so many "keepers" in one session.
These cuties made it extremely hard for me to narrow down my editing selection.
I hope that they love these photos as much as I do.

It has been another busy week here at our house, but the kids are starting to get into the summer groove. I have a full week of vacation just around the corner...... and I am counting the days.... 6 more work days to be exact, then AN ENTIRE CAREFREE WEEK.....YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Okay my friends..... it is off to work I go.
TGIF and Happy Weekend to you!

PS. I received the calibration software and it drastically changed my computer!
For those that asked, I used the Spyder 4 Elite. It was pretty easy to use and only took a few minutes to set up.

the long road


Lee Ann said...


Kimberley said...

I find that it is hard to get great shots of boys and you have really done a great job here of capturing these two! Very handsome boys :)

tiarastantrums said...

looks like such a fun photo shoot!

Unknown said...

The kids and photos are just gorgeous!

My favorites are the coke shots. Fun! Fun!

Have a great weekend!

Tiffany said...

Awesome, fun shots! So glad the calibration worked:) Thanks for sharing the one you picked. Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

They both are very handsome! ;) I looked up that commercial on YouTube, it's lovely. Wonderful photos!!!!

Gail said...

These are fabulous, their mom must be thrilled! Love the leading line to the cokes and the boys in the blur...

Have a great weekend Lisa!


Gina Kleinworth said...

Aren't they cute! I bet it was great to work with them & all their experience in front of the camera. Their comfort just shines through. How fun!

Unknown said...

This looks like such a fun day of shooting! What very cute boys!!! Love the coke idea!

Unknown said...

All these shots came out amazing! Looks like a fun photo shoot! And what great models! They are so handsome!

Unknown said...

Those kiddos are just too cute! Love the locations

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! what handsome boys!!! you got some amazing shots!! love the addition of the coke ... fun!! i'm sure your friend will be over-the-moon in love with these photos!

Kim said...

Now THAT is some serious handsomeness! Surely that is a word?!

Lori said...

wow they are so handsome! great shots, love them all!

Becky said...

Your photography always amazes me! Beautiful captures!!

MixedMolly said...

These are so cool! Love the simple props.

Anonymous said...

I opened your blog hoping for photos of your family and then fell in love with these photos. You are so talented. The kids may be terrific subjects but it is your photography that makes them look so great.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

These are amazing and so fabulous. Gorgeous boys, and even better photos! Wow

Ivy Shaffer said...

OMW, THESE ARE SOME SERIOUSLY CUTE LITTLE GUYS! I love these photos. Bet their Mom is going to go wild over them. Sure brought some smiles to my face!

Great job Lisa. I'm sure we'll catch up next week. Think cool, like Alaska cool.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sarah Halstead said...

WOW!!! love these!!! So fabulous. They are both so handsome.

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

Wow these are spectacular. What handsome guys!! you captured them perfectly!! Thanks for sharing them!

Unknown said...

Those are awesome photos! Those boys are going to melt some girls' hearts in a few years.

Stefanie said...

Those boys are sooo handsome! Oh my - you could drown in those eyes!
Great job, Lisa :)
oxoxo and Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

These boys are going to be heartbreakers some day! Cuties! - Your photography continues to amaze me. I'm not a portrait photographer, but I hope I can learna to create such stunning images in my own work.

the meaklims said...

Seriously? Are they for real? SOO handsome, awesome photography once again!


Leslie said...

Well I could never take photos like that, but you have inspired me to get some Sun Drop in bottles. OK, we're in TN, so Sun Drop is king around here LOL! Plus my hubby loves the stuff and so do our boys. If I pull these out, maybe I'll have some more willing models (b/c though mine are adorable they aren't very willing ;).

How in the world do you find the backdrops. I LOVE your shots b/c you make them look so REAL. Do you just find places around your town and use them? Do you ask? I guess I'm just not sure. What about other people being around? If you don't have time to answer I understand, but if you ever do Q&A, I'd love to know how you find these locations I see on your blog and often think how cool! As a Mom of 4 sons, I really love the lines and backdrops here. Thx for sharing the photos and the inspiration!

DiJo said...

I think I am going to talk you in to letting me fly you here to do my kids!!!! These are so great Lisa!!! And, I am glad to hear the software did what you expected it to do.. I am definitely going to check into that now!!!

Tiffany is a blessed Mama to have you in her back yard!! And, as for those boys!! Amazing! I do remember Will!!!


Tiffany said...

Just wanted to chime in that YES I am (as the mom of the 2 boys) over the moon about these photos! Lisa is so amazingly talented, but more importantly such a kind and down to earth person. Will has shot w/some pretty well known photographers (Peter Lindbergh shot the Estee Lauder Beautiful campaign), but I can honestly say Lisa is up there with the BEST OF THEM. Lisa, thanks again. Tiffany and the boys :)

Shell in your Pocket said...

I wish you lived close to me b/c I would have you photograph my kids!

sandy toe

snekcip said...

These are MAGAZINE WORTHY!! I agree w/the HANDSOME YOUNG MEN mom Tiffany!! You are right up there w/the best of 'em!! Great job! Great looking young men!!

Michelle R Photography said...

Only one of these images is loading for me - UGH!!!! I don't know why I am still having issues with viewing some blogger photos. Well, the one of the handsome boy on the fence is fabulous!! I hope one day soon this issue will correct itself and I'll get to see the rest!

Ivy Shaffer said...

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Sorry for missing your call the other day, will try later this evening if I can keep my peepers open lol.

I really love these photos of your little models here. So awesome! Funny how little backdrops mean when you have two handsome boys to work with. You made the asphalt even look good!

Off to grab some coffee and then get the girls to settle in.

Will talk to you soon.


Jodee Leader said...

What handsome guys! Love, love, love these pictures! The Coke adds such a fun twist too!

Serendipityissweet said...

Oh gosh, they are gorgeous! Before I read your post my first thought was these two could be models. Love, love, love all these images. Beautiful job ;)

So glad the calibration worked. Makes me think I really need to invest in that. I haven't never touch my mac settings.