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August 17, 2012

a visit to the library
Once again I am wrapping up our week Instagram Style!!!
Last Friday I took the girls to the library to pick out some new books for the weekend.
They love going, but we are still trying to teach Reagan to be quiet in the library.
She hasn't quite caught onto that yet:)

Back to School Shopping Collage
On Sunday we took Nick to meet his friends at the movies and while he was there, the girls and I did some back to school shopping at our outdoor mall. It was 95 Degrees and very humid so after pounding the pavement going store to store, we stopped in at Red Robin for a bite to eat. They now provide their customers with table side touchscreen computers. They do all sorts of cool things and the girls favorite part......they have about 50 different games for kids. They were in heaven as you can see!

rearview window
We shopped until we dropped and almost as soon as we got to the car, Reagan fell asleep.....and Sarah looked like she was about to nod off. I snapped a photo in the rearview mirror. Poor Reags was slumped forward in her carseat and did not make it in the shot.

sugar free cosmo
After a long day of shopping, we went to parent's house to celebrate my sister's bday. My Mom mixed up a batch of Sugar Free Cosmos.....and they were good!! In the grocery store where they sell "Crystal Light", they have mixes that are Cosmo, Margarita, and Appletini Flavored. My mom mixed with water and added a little vodka and fresh lime and they were so refreshing......and GUILT-FREE!!!

take turns kids
Once we had dinner the kids wanted to take their "cars" for a spin through Mimi and Coachie"s neighborhood. Unfortunately, the girls' Barbie Jeep battery bit the dust.....the battery will no longer hold a charge and we did not find out until they went to get in it, so the 4 kids had to share my nephew's jeep. There was some bickering about who got to go in the car and who was going to drive, but Mimi kept everyone in line and made sure that they took turns. The shirtless wonder would be my daughter..... Reagan still prefers to run around Sans clothes. You know how they say to pick your battles? I waived the white flag of surrender in the air that evening and just let it go.

It has been another busy week here including a day in court for Jury Duty, but I am happy to say that we have a fun week ahead. Sunday I fly out and head to Louisville, Kentucky for a business trip and while I am there, I get to visit some good friends:) I return late Tuesday afternoon to pack up the car and the family and head north to Cape Cod. I can almost feel my feet in the sand and the sun on my back.
This vacation is very needed and LONG OVERDUE!!!

~Have a wonderful weekend~

the long road


Unknown said...

I love your photos!

Tamar SB said...

How cool that Red Robin has those computers! Long gone are the dyas of coloring in your menu (-:

S said...

Great pictures. And I like the new design of your blog too.

Lori said...

Loving that last shot!

Gina Kleinworth said...

What fun! I love Reags hair falling out of her ponytail & what a great idea for the restaurant to provide entertainment.

tiarastantrums said...

looks like it was another busy week for you! - have a great vacation!

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

So precious and I LOVE your new layout! :)

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these! I need to try those skinny mocktails!

Amy said...

These are such great pictures! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful, Happy Friday!

snekcip said...

Oh the library is one of our FAVORITE places. Unfortunately our "neighborhood library" has been under construction since early spring and probably won't be open until the first of the year here in town, but I just LOVE ours and its a stone thrown from home!! Red Robin (in my commercial voice.....YUMMMMMMM). Unfortunately we don't have a Red Robin locally but we get advertisement often in our area....Don't know WHAT'S up with that!! No library OR Red Robin close by...sounds pretty unfair right?!!

The squabble sounds a LOT like when my grandsons come to visit and all 3 are enthralled by Bre's baby stroller. They have lots of BOY TOYS that I keep on hand, but something is compelling about that PEPTO BISMOL PINK carriage with all the "cool stuff" on it! An argument ensues over that STROLLER everytime. I have learned to put it away because I get so tired of hearing "Yall are boys!! You don't play w/girl strollers"!! Me personally I think its the idea that it carries all kinds of "boy things" like rocks and toy dinosaurs!!

You inspire me to take my camera EVERYWHERE!! Thank you again for voting for Brejanae!! Do you know the "THANK YOU PHOTO" was actually the FIRST photo I managed to get the BLURRED BACKGROUND?!! I have read countless books, blogs, even tutorials and STILL couldn't do it. I guess you probably are saying..."GOOD JOB SNEKCIP"!! I probably could share in your joy but....problem is...I DON'T KNOW HOW THE HECK I DID IT!! It was a total fluke!! The whole impromptu pictures were taken as we waited for a HS graduation to begin!! She was doing all kinds of poses and totally cracks me up at times!! She had on her favorite "wedges" and thought she was AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!! I'm gonna try and link it and share it in your FAVORITE PHOTO FRIDAY!! It's by far one of my favorite of Bre!

Oh no.....let me figure out how to DO THAT!!! :)

Anonymous said...

A guilt free Cosmos! I can't get to the store fast enough.

Unknown said...

What a busy week but next weeks sounds awesome!!!! Have a great time at the beach!! Love how you can see your Mom in the background keeping it all fair!

Jodee said...

Cute library pictures!

We must check out Red Robin's!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! That's what summer is all about. And the Cosmo looks like my kind of winding down.

Its funny, my husband leaves for a biz trip to Louisville on Monday!

Marla said...

Woohoo! Love the IG week review, the girls are so stinking cute in their little MJ outfits and that Cosmo looks yummy! I tried to buy some of that Crystal Light yesterday but all my Target had was the margarita flavor.

SO glad it's almost beach time (for both of us) and have a blast in Luhvul! Give all those sweet ladies hugs for me.

Happy Friday!

Shari said...

We went to Red Robin Saturday night I was dying for a hamburger - I don't think I actually took a bite I think I just inhaled it - ours did not have those cool computers.

I don't think I wore a shirt until I started Kindergarten...I thought I was a boy;)

Enjoy Kentucky and THE BEACH! Can't wait to see more amazing photos.