The Tooth-Fairy Flew In For A Visit

August 22, 2012

Toothless Grin Sarah BLOG
I have been away on business and Monday evening, I received a text from Pat delivering the news that Sarah lost her first tooth.

My heart sank because I missed it......
I wasn't there to witness it and what made me feel even worse, was knowing I was not going to be home to play tooth-fairy.....or to see her face first thing in the morning when she discovered the money under her pillow.

I called home and spoke to her and got to hear all of the details. She cried through dinner because her tooth was hurting but she would not let Pat near her mouth to pull it. I guess after dinner and some continuous wiggling back and forth with her tongue, it popped out. She was excited and they sent me an IPhone photo of her itty bitty tooth and then another one of her new smile.

Before I hung up, I made Pat promise me that he would not fall asleep without putting that money under the pillow and as always, he said, "Don't worry, I have it under control".

I was up late. I always have a hard time falling asleep when I am staying in a hotel by myself. I was watching TV and it was about 11pm and another text came through. It was Pat again and this time he was telling me that the "Tooth-Fairy" wrote Sarah a letter:

Good Morning Princess Sarah,

Here are six quarters,
one for each year of your life.
Use them for something fun,
or save them for something nice.

Your tooth is beautiful, but not very white;
please brush your teeth daily, morning noon and night.
You are very special to me and I will look after you as best I can;
Listen to your mom and dad, as they are my helping hands.

I'm sorry I couldn't stay for when you awake.
But do know that I love you, and hope I will be near you,
for every toothache.

Is he good or what?
Seriously, this one earns him Dad of the year!
It was so very sweet it made me want to cry....and here I was doubting him.
He typed it out on the computer and added some clip art he found by googling "tooth-fairy".

As you could imagine, Sarah was super excited when she woke up to find the money and the letter.

I got home after 7pm last night and as soon as I walked through the door she ran over to show me her new improved smile along with the letter that was left for her this morning:)

We took a quick picture to document the occasion, even if we are a day late.
After that it was time to empty my suitcase and get rid of all the business attire and repack my bag with beachwear!!

Right now we are on our way to Cape Cod and should have our feet in the sand by noon.
Have a wonderful week everyone....... be back soon and I am sure I will have plenty of photos to share!


Briana's Mom said...

Welcome to the lost tooth club Sarah! She looks so cute!

Pat is awesome! Daddy of the year! :D

Jboo said...

What a great tooth fairy!! Love that toothless smile! Have a wonderful vacation!!


Shari said...

What an awesome dad! So so sweet!
Love that smile:)

Hannah said...

That is awesome! He did a great job :)

It was wonderful catching up with you Monday. I hate that you missed this moment, but I'm glad we got to meet :)

Tracy said...

Such wonderful news for Sarah! The Toothfairy do so well.
And boy do I know how you feel about not being there. Muriel is at gram and gramps. And while it's not gone, I got the call yesterday that she has her first loose tooth. Enjoy the beach.

Julie said...

Love that little gap-toothed smile!

DiJo said...

You have the SWEETEST Tooth Fairy!!!!!!!! I am so impressed!!!! Congrats Sarah! Just in time for Kindergarten!!!!!

Have FUN at the beach!!!!!!!!!!


Jodee said...

Oh my word! Your tooth fairy rocks! That is the sweetest letter ever!

Enjoy your time away! I can't wait to see beach pictures!

3 Peanuts said...

I am so impressed with your tooth fairy!!! He is very clever and sweet!!! Sarah looks darling. That exact same tooth is wiggly on Kate ( i just posted about it the other day) and I am so sad. I have a feeling she will lose it on the first day of school. It is like entering a whole new phase. I felt really sad reading this as I know it broke your heart not to be there but it seems as though given the situation, it could not have gone any better.

Hope your trip to Cape Cod is FABULOUS!!!! I always love you photos from there.

I apologize for being such a poor student lately. Life is moving 100 mph over here. I read the outlines but have not done my homework. please forgive.

Teresa said...

Your tooth fairy wins dad of the year award by all means!! He did great! Enjoy the beach and time with your family!!

Gail said...

Definitely a milestone, and Pat handled it just perfectly...that letter is a keeper for sure!

Enjoy your time away Lisa, can't wait to see your beautiful pics!


likeschocolate said...

Seriously, where did you find him! Congrats to Sara ! Have fun at the beach!

Patricia said...

Pat totally rocks!!! So, so sweet! And I just love Sarah's "new" smile! Have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy!!!

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Happy tooth fairy day!!! Beautiful smile!!!

snekcip said...

I'm nominating him "Dad" ahem...tooth fairy of the year!!! I'm soooo dreading "tooth lossage"! I have cried over a lost tooth in over 17yrs!! Bre says often that " a lower tooth is loose and my "DEEP DENIAL" just replies...oh it's just something stuck in your teeth, let's go "floss it out"! She insist...Noooo!! It's loose...LOOK!!! I refuse...she's my baby..those are the last sign of babyhood!!

I can't tell you how much I adore those little "chiclet" teeth of hers!!

snekcip said...

Oh how could I had forgotten to mention...Sarah, looks absolutely adorable!!!

Michelle R Photography said...

Pat - You ROCK!!! Such a great letter!! And Sarah looks adorable with her new missing tooth.

Have a blast at the beach!!

Stefanie said...

So cute! She looks absolutely adorable with that new big-girl smile :) But the cutest is that poem that Pat wrote, and he added clip art? Oh my, so sooo sweet! What a wonderful dad he is! You are blessed, my friend!!
Have a BLAST at the beach! Cannot wait to hear all about it :)

Keisha said...

The Dad note.. had me .. choked up!!! So sweet! What a Great Daddy! It's okay Mom.. you will have plenty more toothfairy visits. ;) Sarah is rocking that toothless smile!;)

M3 said...

Oh my goodness, your tooth fairy ROCKED. wow. Just love that note. Hugs to Miss Sarah and congrats on her tooth.

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my gosh- this makes me tear up for so many reasons!!! So amazingly sweet! Congrats to her! I know you are bummed that you missed the first one- but there will be many many more soon enough.

Hugs!! Hope you all have an absolutely fabulous time on your trip.

Amy said...

What a great smile and such a cool letter that your husband wrote!

Lori said...

Sarah looks absolutely ADORABLE with her tooth missing!!!
You have an AWESOME tooth fairy!!

Enjoy your time in Cape Cod! Can't wait to see pictures!

Blessings, Lori

Unknown said...

What a great photo and what and amazing Dad Miss Sarah has!!

Enjoy your time away!
Love Teri

Unknown said...

This is SO dang awesome...what a good daddy....he just earned MAJOR points!!!! great shot of "one less tooth" Sarah!

Tara said...

Dear Sarah,
Congratulations on loosing your first tooth! Your picture never looked more beautiful!!!!

Sarah Halstead said...

So awesome and adorable!

Mimi said...

Awww! She's adorable!
And isn't Pat just the best Dad? Sweet.