Favorite Photo Friday - "Celebrating 40"

October 26, 2012

40th bday brunch IG photo
I thought I would share just a few photos from our weekend getaway!!
(most of them were taken with the iphone or a point and shoot just to document the occasion)
I could not have been more excited to be spending and celebrating my special day with my husband and fabulous friends.
The day started off with a fantastic brunch in Philly at a very cool little spot called Jack's Firehouse Cafe!
The food is pretty amazing and the mimosas and bloody mary's weren't too shabby either:) The weather was absolutely perfect and we spent the afternoon walking around the city so Derek and Marla could see some of the things that makes Philly famous!

40 Cheesesteak Taste IG
There are a lot of places that are known to have great cheesesteaks in Philly, just start asking around when you get to town.
You will get varying answers and suggestions, but the two places known by everyone are Pat's and Genos. They are located in the same intersection directly across the street from one another and both places always have lines wrapped around the building!
We prefer Pat's, so that is where we took Marla and Derek and they gave it the double thumbs up!!
While we were eating, I took a picture of the competitor across the street:)

40th bday hoopla BLOG
After a day of walking around, we headed out to another great little restaurant in the Old City area that was recommended by my cousin, Positano Coast! My cousin Nicole and her boyfriend joined us for an incredible meal and some bar hopping that took us into the wee hours of the morning! Can you tell we just had a little bit of fun?

40th bday me and pat BLOG
This picture was taken before the "fun" started and I am so glad..... at least now I have one cute picture of me and my hubby together to mark the occasion!! So glad Marla brought the purse sized point and shoot.....it sure came in handy!

Aunt Marla Uncle Derek and the Girls BLOG
The next morning we were all a little sleep deprived, but anxious and excited to meet my parents along with Dita and the Darlings(thanks Dita for making the two hour trip just to see us for a quick meal...LUV YA and so glad you were able to make it) before we had to take Marla and Derek back to the airport to head home! While we were waiting for our table at Maggianos, I snapped a few photos of Reagan with Marla. It was the first time they have seen each other since we stepped off the plane from China exactly 2 years ago.

Me and Aunt Marla BLOG
I think this photo really says it all! I love it!
In a short weekend a lot of great memories were made. As always our time together seemed to pass by entirely too quickly. It was very sad to part ways on Sunday afternoon, but we are looking forward and already planning our next trip together.

Thanks Marla and Derek for making the trip to Philly to spend the weekend with us and for making my 40th extra special!
We love "youz guys"....(it's philly twang)
And special thanks to my parents who kept all three kids for the entire weekend so we could have a little getaway.....don't know what we would do without you xoxo!

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Nicky @ Awesomeville said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great day!

Keisha said...

Glad y'all had a great visit together! Thanks for the pictures;) I felt like I was right there in Philly! lol!

3 Peanuts said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!! You and Marla look fabulous and it is obvious you had FUN!!!!

These photos are fabulous and it is obvious y'all had a GREAT time! I cannot remember the last time I "bar-hopped" but Philly is about the best place to do so. This post made me a bit homesick. I went to La Salle and frequented Pat's steaks all through college. Have not been back in 20 years I'll bet!

xoxo. Welcome to your 40's! It's a fine lace to be:)

Gina Kleinworth said...

I can't think of a better way to celebrate!!! So happy for you Lisa- so many exciting things happening & more on the horizon.

likeschocolate said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Wishing you a fantastic year ahead. You guys look fantastic together. So glad you were able to see each other. I think a trip to Texas needs to be in the works. Just wanted to let you know that after following your story for the last couple of years that my husband and I are almost complete with our Dossier and will be adopting from the Chinese Waiting Child program this up coming year. Reagan and all the other sweet little girls we have seen through your blog have really touched our hearts. p.s. I am waiting for some more great Italien recipes. wink wink!

Marla said...

Derek and I cannot thank "youz guyz" enough for your fabulous hospitality, the trip was absolutely perfect! I love that we're already planning our next one, because I can see this kind of fun becoming a habit. :)

Welcome to 40 my friend, the best is yet to come!! LOVE Y'ALL!!! xoxo

Kmcblackburn said...

Hey! You are in my neck of the woods! Love Jack's Firehouse and of course Pat and Genos. Glad you had a great time.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday...what a special weekend.


Lori said...

Happy 40th, and great photos as usual! LOVE the last one!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like a wonderful celebration. I've been wanting to try Jack's --I've heard from a few people how great it is!! I prefer Pat's for cheesesteaks too though I can't remember the last time I had one!! You ladies look gorgeous !!

tiarastantrums said...

looks like such a fabulous fun weekend! SO glad to hear you had a wonderful 40th celebration!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

So glad you had a fun weekend. Love the sparkles and leather! Such great style! Time with friends is priceless. Love the pic of you and your hubs!

Sarah Halstead said...

Sounds like a great weekend. We have been to both of those cheese steak places.

Krista said...

So happy you, Marla and your guys got to hang out and celebrate together. Looks like you had the best weekend!

PS. I've been to Gino's. Guess next time I need to try Pat's. :)

Buckeroomama said...

Happy birthday! :) Looks like everyone had a fab time.

snekcip said...

Lisa, obviously you had a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!!! What GREAT PHOTOS!! I've always wished to visit PhilidelphiaLoved the one of you and Marla!!Happy Friday!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! You look awesome! <3

Stefanie said...

What FUN! So glad you got to celebrate BIG with folks so close to your heart... you deserve to be CELEBRATED :)
Hope 40 is your best year yet, my friend!

Mona's Picturesque said...

Biggest birthday wishes! you never get a bad picture! You look great & happy :)

Mariz Cranmer said...

Happy Birthday! You look GORGEOUS!

Unknown said...

Friends and Family make everything brighter! Happy Birthday!

Jboo said...

Great that you had a mini-vacay with your special friends in one of my very favorite cities!! Happy b-day again! Hope you have a great weekend!


Mimi said...

Happy 40th Lisa, and here's to many, many more precious celebrations with your family and friends.
That last photo is a treasure, there is a bond between those two (for obvious reasons!) that will never be broken.
Hope you are all doing ok amidst the storms, thinking of you.

Jenney said...

Trying to find your e-mail but outlook won't load on my computer. My e-mail is jenney@famconnect.net

Catherine said...

Happy 40th Lisa! What an awesome way to celebrate this milestone birthday!