Surviving "Sandy"

October 31, 2012

The last 48 hours have been unbelievable here in the Northeast!
Sandy arrived with a vengeance Monday evening and we were glued to the television watching what was going on in NYC and all the cities in New Jersey along the coastline. By 8pm she made her way to PA and the wind gusts were something like we have never heard before. Around 10pm, we lost power and all forms of communication with the what was going on. Even our cell phones were not working..... I am guessing some of the towers were effected. The girls were pretty scared and to be honest, I was too, but I tried to keep it together for their sake. We had everyone sleep in our room that night just in case we had to make a quick escape.

Finally everyone fell asleep and when we woke up in the morning most of the winds had died down and the rain slowed down considerably. No one in the area had power and their were power lines down in the streets, trees on buildings and homes, and debri everywhere. Luckily our home did not suffer any damage..... we lost one tree in the front yard, but that is nothing comparison to what the families in NY and NJ have suffered. My heart is just breaking for these people.

Sarah Window Light Silhouette BLOG
As much as losing power is an inconvenience, I will admit is was nice to be at home as a family with no distractions from the outside world and no electronics. The girls spent a good part of the day coloring and playing together. They also declared it a PJ day and stayed in them ALL DAY LONG:)

Sneaking in on her sister Storm BLOG
And yes, Reags does not believe in PJ bottoms.... we put them on her, and she takes them off. She is stil into the "less is more" theory when it comes to clothes...... good grief I hope we can get her out of this stage soon:)

Reags Looking up at Sarah Silhouette BLOG
Sarah wanted to go up to her room to play with some of her stuffed animals, so Reags folllowed her up with a juice box in hand and a case of some serious bed-head!

fingers in her mouth again STORM BLOG
They did a little "reading" in Sarah's favorite pink chair. It's a good thing those two fingers do not require power...... Yep, she is still at it!

Hugs on the chair upsidedown BLOG
Then the silliness broke out and they flipped the chair backwards on the ground and the sisterly love came out in full force.

Show me your silly face BLOG
Then it was a game of "Show Me Your Crazy Face".... and Sarah always gets Reags to let out some big belly laughs.

feet in the air storm BLOG
Once they were up on the bed, I knew where this was headed..... JUMPING!

Jump Jump Sarah and Reags Storm BLOG
And jump they did for about 20 minutes straight!
I figured it was a great way for them to burn off some energy and it worked like a charm.

Laying in bed Reags Storm BLOG
An hour later and someone decided it was time for a nap:)

I was grateful to have yesterday with the family and it was sort of like old times following the girls around with the camera capturing them in their element or their every day moments. Now that they are both in school full time, I don't get to do this often and I totally miss it!

Around 5:30pm our power was restored.
I could not believe it as we were expecting to be without for at least a few days, but of course we were overjoyed.
There are still a lot of families around here without power and the schools are all still closed.
Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone still suffering from the repercussions of "Sandy".....especially those that have lost their homes.

Not too sure what kind of Halloween it will be around here and I doubt that Trick or Treat will take place tonight, but we are going to do our best to make it special for the girls. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and please be safe out there!


Tara said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad that you were able to make the best of it. I know what you mean about 'school all day'. I too miss following them around all day. We're still home today... it'll be hard to get up and out the door so quickly when school opens again! Love the joy that you captured. They are such sweet, happy girls!

The Byrd's Nest said...

PJ days are awesome!!!! Just a word of encouragement...Lottie never liked wearing pants or bottoms to anything and now at (almost) 8 years old I am happy to report....she is very modest:) lol

Unknown said...

My girl is a less is more with pjs too, and usually wants No blankets. Sometimes she wants to only wear undies and no shirt, she'll say, "I want to wear pjs like daddy's"...We laugh out loud at that one.

Vickie said...

One of my oldest sons sucked those same 2 fingers. I thought it was so odd, I mean, why those 2 fingers?

Anyway, we survived Sandy as well, just no loss of power, a huge surprise to us since the winds were the worst we have ever had as well. Central PA.

Praying as well for others who did not do so well in Sandy's wake:(

Amy said...

So glad you are all safe and your power is back on again. Love the pictures too! Happy Halloween.

Yolanda Ronaldo said...

Luckily I am in Wisconsin and all we got was some wind that was only getting to 25mphs!
It looks like a great and fun day!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Oh how I love a PJ day! Little monkeys jumping on the bed! Enjoy.

Keisha said...

Oh! I'm so Thankful yall are okay! It's great to hear from you. Those affected are in our prayers for sure. I just cried as I watched the news last night. It was just Devastation.. and Destruction..... When you can.. send me your email (thru facebook) I'm going private with my blog & I wanted to send you an invite. ;) Stay safe and warm friend!

Jboo said...

Happy to hear you all weathered the storm so well. Breaks my heart to think of the loss of life and property -hopes and dreams. The beautiful Jersey shore -- so sad. Praying for all.



Kmcblackburn said...

Our experience with Sandy was VERY similar to yours. Incredibly blessed with the relatively little damage we received as compared to so many others. We are in the Ambler/Horsham area. Not sure where exactly you are, but glad to see everyone is fine.

Shari said...

So fun to have a "lazy" day at home with no distractions. I know what you mean though about feeling for those who lost so much.
I'm glad Sandy was easy on you; my family was also very lucky.
Amelia went to the dentist yesterday and was told it's time to stop sucking her blanket...I'm not sure who took it worse; her or me. I knew it was coming, but a referral to the ortho put it in motion. How I wish I could rewind to when she was Reagan's age and not have to worry about anything but her contentment:( Growing up is hard.

Mimi said...

Lisa, thanks for posting, I'm so glad (and relieved!) that you're all ok. It is heartbreaking for people who have lost loved ones and those who had serious damage to their homes.
I often complain about all the rain we get here in Ireland...not this week!
Love the photos of jumping on the bed!!

Virginia said...

So glad to hear you guys are okay. The footage I've been seeing is just awful..I really feel for those of you who had to live through it.

On another note, how did I miss your Birthday post?! Happy belated make 40 look great!!

Gin =)

Unknown said...

I am glad you and your family are OK! It was a pretty bad storm, I just saw on TV.

The girls are adorable in their pink pijamas. ^^

Unknown said...

So glad you all is nice..but it sure is fascinating when you don't have it. It is a neat way to get back to basics