A First For Sarah!

May 30, 2008

Fisher Price's Fun to Learn Potty. This thing is hysterical....complete with sounds and songs. It even tells them when they have gone......there must be some kind of sensor in it! You can use it free standing, or attach it to any toilet!

Here is Sarah on the new potty......reading like a pro! This cracked me up.....she sat down and said.....book! She must have seen this somewhere!

Hooray! I peed ma ma! She is very excited.......she gets up and dances, so now that is known as the pee pee dance.....it resembles ring around the rosy!

I know some of you are asking why we are potty training her at 18 months. Lately, she has become obsessed with the bathroom, pointing to it and saying pee pee in there. So, we thought lets give it whirl!

I am not a fool...I realize they can love it one minute and want nothing to do with it the next.....we will ride it out and see what happens.......I won't be crossing the pampers off the grocery list just yet!

Have a good night!


Lili said...

Hey - Just saw your blog (from Aly and Ford's) Your potty-reading daughter is adorable! our lid is is just 3 days after yours. 2 years down. UGH!!~

DC said...

These pictures are just too stinkin' cute! She's already reading on the toilet (just like my hubby!)! ;)

Jodee said...

Wow! That is one fancy potty chair! It has all of the bells and whistles! The pictures are so cute! Hooray for you that she is showing an interest at such a young age! I am always more than ready to take the diapers off my grocery list!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Never thought I would see the day where the potties for kids would look like that... hehehe... where were they when I was a kid... can't blame her for wanting a book... make sure it is interesting... hehehe

Alyson and Ford said...

Too Wild! Baby girl is going to love that photo later on but it is good to know she loves to read! :)

kerri said...

Bells and whistles, that could help with the aim in our home, or not, LOL.
Very adorable..