Laid Back, Lazy Weekend!

May 6, 2008

Nicolas sweeping his sister off of her feet before breakfast Sunday morning! I just love how he adores his little Sis!

Nick using his hands, not his feet, while playing soccer on Sunday afternoon! Who could blame him.... I would'nt want to get hit in the face with a soccer ball.

We got a surprise visit from the newest member of the McCann's. Shelly surprised her girls with a 12 week old Husky. The girls decided to name him Beckham. He was quite the hit at the soccer field!

It was a very laid back and lazy weekend. We were supposed to be in Boston for my nieces First Holy Communion, but we decided with everyone just getting over Strep and Allergies in full force we should just stay put for the weekend. It is a long trip for 2 days but we are sorry we missed it!

Lots going on in the house this week.....keeping fingers and toes crossed that deck is finished by the weekend. We wanted to be out on the deck to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but it might have to be a Mother's Day Celebration instead. At the rate we are going it might be Memorial Day(I hope not).

After one year in this house, we are just getting neighbors, so we now need to have blinds/window treatments! Last year when we moved in, we found a lady who has her own window treatment business and she is absolutley fantastic. She did our downstairs last year and since we did not have any neighbors, we waited to do the upstairs until this year. They are going up this week and I am excited to see how it all comes together. I hope those tiny little swatches look as good once they are up on the wall!

Thanks for checking in!

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kerri said...

Fisrt timer on your blog, I love it.
Thanks for sahring your tribute to your Grandmother, it has left an impact with me.
Your Grandmother and yourself are such strong, inspiring women.
I need to hear your story, thanks for sharing with all of us.