The Best Part of a Tea Party

May 3, 2012

Way up high on the kitchen chair BLOG
A few days ago the girls had a tea party in the family room and drinking "air" just didn't cut it so they decided that goldfish floating in grape juice was more to their liking:)

Things got, well....a little sticky, so I told them to head to the sink and climb up to wash off.

tea party clean up collage 4 BLOG
While they were washing up to their elbows, I gathered all the pieces to the tea set and brought them into the kitchen.

tea party clean up collage 2 BLOG
Sarah looked at me with big excited eyes and said, "Mommy can we please wash the dishes?"

tea party clean up collage 3 BLOG
And wash the dishes they did...... for over an hour!

tea party clean up collage 1 BLOG
The water was EVERYWHERE, but the good news was there was no sign of sticky grape juice ANYWHERE!!! Once I convinced them that everything was more than squeaky clean, they reluctantly agreed to turn the faucet off and back away from the sink.

According to the girls, their favorite part of the tea party was the clean up!

I told them they could help "clean up" anytime they wanted:)

Our sink is against the back wall of our home and it has a window above it.
At one point, I walked out onto the deck with the intentions to shoot through the window to get their faces, but I forgot about the screens. I gave it a try anyway and I actually liked the way the photo turned out. It is the one in the collage directly above that looks like it has a texture on it. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone wanted to give it a whirl!!

~Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend~

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Unknown said...

I love these and the screen shot is so cool! May just have to try that. That dish washing can take up many hours! How cute!

M3 said...

Fun, fun, fun (and beautiful).

tiarastantrums said...

too adorable ! My girls love to wash dishes too! what is that about? Because I really don't like it too much! haha

Heather H. said...

And here I was wondering what special effect you'd used to make it look like you were shooting through a screen. :) Silly me.

Tina´s PicStory said...

nice pics from your sweet girls :)

Shari said...

We just had a conversation at work yesterday about 2-year-olds and their love of soap:)
Love the photos!

Briana's Mom said...

What a fun afternoon! They are so sweet!

Kimberley said...

Very cute photo shoot! I love their outfits. I wish we lived closer, Sophia would have so much fun with your girls!

Jboo said...

Very cool shots! What helpful girls -- they are so sweet!! Maddy loved having a broom and helping sweep when she was young. Now, she does like to vacuum! Yay for me!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I immediately fell in love with the "screen" picture! Too cool! Love the dresses, love the pictures, love those girls of yours!

Happy Friday to you and have a fabulous weekend!

jennifer said...

Loving every one of these!! They are precious.

Gail said...

Beautiful, Lisa! Love how they tell the story...and of course they're both adorable.

Grace has the same dress Reagan the stripes.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gina Kleinworth said...

HOW ADORABLE!!!! My girls learned to do this once while cleaning their toys after doing something else with them. Now it's called "playing with water toys". They have certain toys they use & they either go outside on the porch or actually use the bathroom counter because it's large & they can play in there for hours. Who knew? Right?

Mindi said...

These are just so precious!!! You will have to pull out these pictures when they are teenagers and you have to twist their arm to wash the dishes. :)

Lacie said...

Gorgeous, as always! I love them all, but the black and white from behind the girls is my favorite. I'd have to frame that one for the kitchen!

I've just recently (finally!) become an adoptive mom, and you and your family have provided me so much inspiration along this whirlwind of a journey.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I always love washing dishes when I was a kid. My mom when put a towel on floor and let me where my swimsuit!

Tara said...

Why is washing dishes so much fun when you're 2 and 5? And then you're 40 and you hate doing them! You captured the joy of being little. And I was glad to see that it wasn't so weird that my girls like washing so much too! Have a happy weekend Lisa! tara

Anonymous said...

Love these and their outfits!!

Carly said...

Looks like a fun tea party. Oh, and I LOVE your kitchen!

Virginia said...

Love, love, LOVE every last one of these shots. Those two are so sweet together! Thanks for sharing and for giving us the "story behind the photos". Oh, and I love your kitchen, too.

Gin =)

Dita said...

Love the perspective of the first chair shot! The bare feet, the chair the beautiful dresses and those adorable little hands into sweet. These two inseparable sisters....they make my heart melt!

Great memories of the everyday moments.


Diane said...

How you capture "everyday moments" of Reagan and Sarah is just so amazing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shot of the girls thur the screen and the B/, so, so beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend:)
God Bless,

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Beautiful photos of your sweet girls~ mine LOVE playing in the water too. The screen one looks like you put a texture over it~ lovely!!! Blessings and love!

Catherine said...

Love it! Your photography is inspiring!!