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May 25, 2012

Nick Matte Color The Yellow Line BLOG2
The other day I had mentioned that Nick has been busy with lots of end of the school year activities and last week was one that he was really looking forward to. The 8th Grade dinner dance.....which required them to get dressed up in their finest. He looked so handsome and grown up.

Things are changing so very quickly for him. I can hardly believe that high school is just around the corner and in about a year and a half he will be behind the wheel of the car.

About two months ago when we registered Nick at the high school, we had to go through and select all of his classes for his Freshman year. GOSH, things sure have changed since I went to high school. The choices these kids have are endless. I could not believe the selection of electives available to our children. We are fortunate to live a a great school district where the high school is new. It is so big it looks more like a college campus than a high school.

The catholic school that he goes to now only has about 65-75 kids to a class so it is very small and he knows everyone.... and the local high school probably has about 700 students per grade. I personally thought Nick would be somewhat nervous about this kind of change but he is really very excited and cannot wait to attend the new school.

We met with the guidance counselor to give him Nick's class selections and he spent a good deal of time telling us all the things that would be available to him. Nick was very excited to hear about all the extra curricular activities and clubs they had in place. I anticipate that he will be very busy come Fall.

For now, I think he is looking forward to a summer of fun with his friends.

Instagram photos of Nick BLOG
On Saturday he met up with a group of "friends" to play some mini-golf and when I pulled into the parking lot, he jumped out of the car faster than the speed of light. Thanks to the camera on my Iphone, I was able to capture the two photos above. Check out the one on the right. Notice two of his "fiends" approaching at 11 o'clock? Yes, we are ALL ABOUT THE G!RLS right now. The little boy who never cared what he wore or looked like, is all about his appearance and how he smells. I open his bedroom door holding my breath most of the time so I don't inhale half a bottle of cologne. He has also started working out daily thanks to Mimi and Coachie who set him up with his own gym equipment in our basement. He goes down there and lifts weights, uses the punching bag, and occasionally runs on the treadmill.

Whether I am ready for it or not, there is no denying it, my baby boy is growing up.

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Kimberley said...

He is so handsome! The high school years are a lot of fun. He is really growing up. Enjoy every minute with him.

4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...things certainly have changed!

He's so handsome.

Buckeroomama said...

How handsome he looks! :)

I was smiling as I read that last bit. I still have a few more years to go before mine gets to that stage. Now, he says girls are not as fun as boys.

Ginny said...

He is such a cutie! I bet this is so much fun. Enjoy every minute.

Briana's Mom said...

Oh boy - girls on the horizon! LOL! Such a handsome boy. He is definitely a lady killer. :D I cannot believe he is going to be in high school!

Love Letters To China said...

Wow Lisa... I can't even imagine what you must be feeling seeing all these changes with your son. I look at my two little ones and know it will happen here quicker than I know it. I'm already seeing a slow change in my girl. I just want to stop time for a while and enjoy them while they're still young and innocent.

Hope you have a fabulous long weekend.


Gail said...

Our babies are growing up aren't they? I think we had a very similar theme in our blog posts today. So bittersweet, we want them grow up but then we don't!

What can I say about this age with Nick? I loved it in most ways with my oldest...lots of activities. The girl part is interesting and funny sometimes. Not so funny when our boys heart gets broken, but they get through it.

LOVE your use of lines in this one and the angle. He is one handsome guy!

Enjoy your long weekend Lisa!


Jboo said...

Oh my word -- he is so cute!!! Watch out -- high school goes by in the blink of an eye!! Hope you are enjoying the 8th grade graduation festivities! Are you needing some kleenex for the tears?!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Lori said...

Love this Lisa, what a special time for him (and you:), love these photos too, he's seems like such a great kid and I'm glad he's enjoying these fun years! Had to laugh about the cologne....walking in his room must be like walking into some stores at the mall. lol

Tara said...

I got chills reading that last part about "ready or not..." Love the pictures you were able to get of him meeting up with his 'friends'. Looks like you're all in for a whole lota fun in the years coming! He sure looks handsome in his dance picture. Your girls are so very lucky to have such a special big brother. Enjoy the high school days! They sound like fun!

Gina Kleinworth said...

He's turning in to such a handsome young man Lisa. It's so hard to be the mother of a 14 year old boy. The thought of them being in high school, driving just around the corner 7 the fact that they will legally be able to move out in just 4 short years. Seriously- instant anxiety. It's happening too quick!

Unknown said...

He looks ready for new heights. It is so hard to watch them take leaps like that though.

tiarastantrums said...

oh this makes me chuckle and this makes me breathe a big sigh of relief that I have a few years yet! Congrats to you son for his big transition.

Cropped Stories said...

Your son is such a handsome kid! Great photos! I always love your photos! It's amazing how quickly they grow up and right before your eyes!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Definately growing up...you always seem to rock those photos even with your iphone. I am so thankful for the iphone sometimes to capture those pictures that you may not have gotten. Ready or not...he is growing up!

Mindi and Adrian said...

He is such a handsome guy! Best of luck to him in high school. Sounds like he will have a lot of fun. I'm curious what are his thoughts of still sharing your photos and thoughts of him on your blog? I am always interested in hearing another mom's perspective with older children. At what point is it not cool to talk/post pics of them. I know that day will come down the road an and I will 100% support my kids with their wishes. But in the same time it will be sad to no longer share that piece of me with my readers.

Unknown said...

He is a very handsome young man! I can only imagine that with you as his Mom he will do great things in life!

Terra said...

What a handsome guy! My boy is almost 13 and he's starting to be all about the girlies, also. Yikes!

Terra (long time lurker :) )

Jessica said...

He is so handsome Lisa! Of course the photography is amazing, like always. He will do awesome in highschool. My oldest had a great experience, and Garrett is really looking forward to his sophomore year. Here in Utah, we don't send our kids to highschool till 10th grade. I believe the key is being involved! Make sure his friends are always welcome in your home and your fridge is stocked :o). I loved being "Mom Parry" to so many sweet, good smelling boys, lol. They are all now on their LDS missions, my baby being the last one to leave. Nothing, absolutely nothing is sweeter than a boy who loves his momma. That relationship is just so special.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Mindi and Adrian,

Nick is still fine with it, but like you, the minute he is no longer okay with it, I will stop. It won't be easy though, because it will feel strange to talk and post about the girls and not him. We will just cross that bridge when we get to it I guess.

Patricia said...

You must be so proud of your handsome young man, Lisa! He will have so much fun in high school! So many happy days ahead!

Have a wonderful & relaxing weekend, my friend!

snekcip said...

This is gonna be such a fun experience for Nick. New friends, new activities, and HS football games the whole bit!! He is such a handsome young man. I'm not surprised that the girls "come running"! :)

snekcip said...

I seemed to have gotten a KINK in my link this week. A little FROG show up and not the picture until I clicked on it. Ummmm in my URKEL voice "Did I do thatttttt". :)

the meaklims said...

You have raised an amazing boy. I know you are so proud of him.

It's no wonder he has woman on his arm!! ;)

Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

Your son is such a handsome young man already. Blessings!

Jodee said...

Nick is such a handsome guy, and I bet he does just fine in his new "bigger" surroundings! You both have such an exciting year ahead of you!

Diane said...

LOVE this pic of Nick! Can't wait to see what's in store for Nick in "high school"! I'm thinking his Mom better get used of the girls being around:)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
God Bless,

Mimi said...

Once again I tell you, he's a fine boy, you've done a good job there.
700 kids in each grade? Oh my gosh, that is a SERIOUSLY big school!
Mine went from 100 kids in the entire school to 100 per grade (total 750) and I thought that was big!
I was in dread of the whole "driving" stage, but so far so good, it's been a relief to have one more to share the runs!
Another new stage to enjoy!