Candy Hearts

January 20, 2013

heart shadow BLOG
It believe it was only the day after Christmas and a lot of the stores were already stocking their shelves with Valentine's Day goodies.
They don't waste any time, do they?

Pile o hearts BLOG
Part of my New Year's resolution was to cut out the sugar. I have been overindulging a lot the last few months.
It all started with my 40th bday celebration in October, then we had the girls birthdays in November, followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas. There was no shortage of holiday sweets around here and once I started, I could not stop.
Cookies, Candies, Cakes, you name it, I ate it.

Missing Heart BLOG
And let me say, once your body gets used the sugar fix, it is hard to break it.
January 1st I started a clean slate and went cold turkey......and while I was at it, I decided to give up my wine as well. I found myself pouring a glass after work while I cooked dinner a little too often and those calories add up quickly, so no more wine either.

Glass Bowl of Hearts BLOG
The first week was rough and I was a complete bear, but now I seem to be cruising along and to be honest, I don't miss it.
(Okay, the wine I do and will probably start to allow myself a glass or two over the weekend here pretty soon. I just wanted to shave off a few of the holiday pounds that snuck up on me.)

It is a good thing the sweets don't bother me because they are still found here in the house. My husband LOVES these gummy hearts and there has been a big bowl of them staring at me all week. I am happy to report, that I have walked past that bowl countless times and have not put a single piece in my mouth.

2 hearts 2 hands BLOG
But it sure looks like Pat will have help getting to the bottom of the bowl. It seems we have another sweet eater on our hands :)

heart to hand BLOG
That would be Reags, the child that LOVES food as much as her Momma!


Jill Wellington said...

Your photography is just gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my gosh these photos are really amazing. I want one!!

Wow good for you swearing of the the sweets! But how?!!!!


Diane said...

Your Valentine candy photos always amaze me! I have yet to figure out how you create such beautiful photos out of a few pieces of candy!!! And there is nothing "sweeter" than your Reags!!!
Happy Sunday!
God Bless,

Robin said...

You are good for being able to stop sweets & wine! I need to follow your lead with the wine. I have been doing the same thing .... Having a glass while I cook. Maybe that is why my jeans are tighter :) xoxo Robin

Unknown said...

Sugar is very addicting. Self control goes a loooong way. Kuddos to you for passing that bowl by without taking a dip!!!

Anonymous said...

I gave up sugar on January 1, 2012 and it was so much easier than I ever imagined. I have had a little in 2013 and will remove it once again as I do not need or crave it. It is so toxic that I am glad I do not crave it.

Good luck to you!

Wanda said...

Wow, you have such resolve Lisa. Good for you.

These are simply beautiful images. And love the texture on your FB cover one too.

Have a great week!

Mimi said...

Gorgeous images Lisa! I find it very hard to give up chocolate (which of course has sugar!), wine I can take or leave.
Last photo of Reagan is absolutely fab!
It's funny (or maybe not?) how one holiday rolls into another, and all of them have treats/sweets. It'll be Easter eggs soon enough!

Lori said...

Girlfriend you are sooooo speaking my language. I am pretty good about no wine except on the weekends. But Starbucks has this lemon loaf that I'm finding REALLY hard to resist. But, come Feb. 13 I'm giving up the sugar. Until then I either need to taper off, gorge, or go ahead and quit. There's that self-control thing again!

Unknown said...

Lisa...these just make me smile!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, you are so strong!! :)
Beautiful photos!!!!

Gina Kleinworth said...

YUM! You post from last year for V-day has been stuck in my mind with the day coming soon. Now this one- I love it!