January 30, 2013

Fizz Clemetines BLOG
Remember my resolution of giving up sugar?

I am proud to say.....

Half a Clementine Segment BLOG
It's been 30 days and I am still going strong!
Even made it through Nick's 15th Birthday with chocolate peanut-butter cake.

Swimming Clementine BLOG
I will admit that it was tough to slice and serve it up to my family without tasting it, but I didn't cave.
And as I sit now, I am a few pounds lighter and I am feeling so much better.
Sleeping more soundly at night and have more energy during the day.

I have even stopped drinking wine..... not a drop since New Year's Eve!
Just a few more pounds to go and I will probably allow myself a glass or two again on the weekends.
In the meantime, I have been drinking Sprite Zero in a pretty stemless champagne glass with a piece of fruit floating in it.
Nice and bubbly..... refreshing too! I just pretend it is a Bellini :)

Thanks so much to everyone that has encouraged me.
I never realized just how addictive sugar could be to your body but I am so glad it is out of my system.

Next goal..... time to get up and get moving.
Workouts are few and far between.....
and that needs to change, but I am trying to take baby steps here.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations!!! I wish I had the determination to do this. Your photography is just breathtaking. I love coming over here to see what you have posted!

Michelle R Photography said...

That's awesome!! I wish I could say the same. All of my personal fitness goals have gotten away from me this month. :(

You know how I love macro photography and bubbles, so I love the pictures!!

Have a great rest of the week!


Dita said...

Beautiful images to go along with a great message. I'm so proud of takes 30 days to create a habit...guess you've got one now!



AnneMarie said...

WOW!! So impressive! I've not been as successful, but am certainly eating less sugar; I have been wearing an UP device - a bracelet-like device that tracks movement, sleep, etc, and that is helping me to move more. Not there on meeting my goal regularly yet, but again, it's getting there.

Marla said...

You go girl!! We're going to rock Alys Beach next month!! ;)

snekcip said...

Yay!!! Shout out for MORE Macro and LESS fructose!! :)

Tamar SB said...

Good on you! I am on a sugar cleanse as well! I had some minor issues with some work stress causing me to "cheat" - more cheating by eating dairy which I am allergic too but it had sugar in it! Today it's back on the bandwagon!

Unknown said...

Way to go Lisa!!! You can continue I have NO doubt:))

Mimi said...

Wow! I'm in awe!
I agree that sugar is highly addictive, I can't imagine even 30 hours without some, which of course says enough! The wine i can easily do without, I think I haven't had any since Jan 1, but I love my chocolate so very much..
great feeling to have lost those few pounds though, and your Sprite Zero both looks and sounds delicious.
Well done Lisa!

likeschocolate said...

You can do it! Way to go!

Unknown said...

Good for you!!!!

It isn't easy, but it looks like you're well on your way! Yay!!!! I bet you feel great!

Melissa said...

Oh these are fantastic!!!! Congratulations on giving up the sugar. I know I am addicted. :( I should work harder on cutting WAY back.

Brooke said...

Lisa-You are SO inspiring. I NEVER liked sweets until I had gestational diabetes and they told me I "couldn't" have them. What is with wanting...dying for... whatever it is you can't have?! Soooooo, the sugar craze began and has become a constant sidekick. Bleck. My waistline certainly does not appreciate our new friend. Maybe one day soon I'll work up the guts to kick this new bully to the curb! :/

Sarah said...

This is a great goal. It's amazing how good I feel after getting the 'junk' out. I often get caught up in the deprivation in the beginning, then one day realize how light I feel. I'm on a decaf-only diet right now which has been an adjustment. With photos like these, I'm sure everyone is running out for some Sprite Zero and some tangerines! :)

Dawn said...

Lisa that is sooo great! I really need to do is just so hard to get started :)

Unknown said...

first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome!! Second, gorgeous photography!! i just love macro work.

groovy mama said...

I think i will try this....i am tired of being tired and i just know it is all my sugar, so hard with the 4 kiddos!
happy FEB.