LeapPad Light

January 3, 2013

We are in here Reading BLOG
Even though the Barbie Dream House brought the WOW factor Christmas morning, hands down, the best gifts were the LeapPad 2's. It was a last minute purchase and I am so glad that I decided to buy them.

LeapPad2 BLOG
Our 6 hour trip to Cape Cod was a lot easier when they had something to keep them entertained in the car.
Not to mention, they are not longer confiscating our phones and my work IPad to play games, because these little LeapPads can do so much.....even take photos and videos!

LeapPad 2 Love BLOG
Last night after they were dressed in their pjs and ready for bed, I found them in Sarah's room playing side by side.

Let me see your LeapPad2 BLOG
I rarely take pics at night, but when I saw the LeapPad light, I ran down and grabbed my camera.

Determined LeapPad2 BLOG
This one might be my fav of the series.... I love the look of concentration and determination on their faces.

Watch Me LeapPad2 BLOG
I am not one that really sets a lot of New Years Resolutions, but I there are a lot of things I want to try to do differently this year. I will post more details on that later..... but one of the things on the list is to get my blog back on the right track. It has been difficult the last few months keeping up and sometimes I think it is because I put pressure on myself to have every photo look a certain way or because I feel I need a purpose or a story to post. I really want to start to include more of the simple and little things that go on in our daily life. Kind of like this... just a random night before bed in their pjs!!! These are the moments that I want to remember and I think they would want to reflect on as well in the years to come.

So, things might change around here and you might see me popping up in your google reader more frequently than what has been my standard once or twice a week. The posts will not always be meaningful and may not always include words, but I hope you will continue to follow along with us and see what 2013 has in store for our family!

~Happy Thursday Friends~

In case any of my photography lovin friends were curious, these were shot in a dark bedroom last night, the only light coming from their LeapPads and a little bit of hallway light that came through the door. I used my 35mm lens shot wide open at f1.4. Shutter speed was 1/160th and ISO was 4000. To process I simply desaturated the color and added a Florabella Sheer Haze over the top. Very simple!


Jboo said...

Love these photos of those two -- so cute!

So happy to hear you will be on the blog more -- looking forward to it!

Happy 2013!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Great!! Hope to see more of you!!

Jodee said...

Adorable pictures! Hope 2013 is a great year for you and your family!

I will e-mail you this week since my fam is out of town and I actually have some down time! I am enjoying every second of my peace and quiet!

ellieshine said...


I love these! You totally captured the moment! I love that you'll be posting more (and maybe with photos that aren't always technically perfect :). I quit blogging altogether because I'm not a very technical person and I started to feel overwhelmed by the the impossible goal of perfection I place on myself! Instagram (and the Nester :). Are teaching me it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful! I was reading your early posts on your blog last week - and I was loving the glimpse into your lives then! I think it will be awesome to see more posts from you!!

Sorry this was a novel :)

xo ellie

snekcip said...

Lisa, I love these. I like your concept of SIMPLE. Sometimes we feel "everything" has to be perfect to be "acceptable" when actually just "the simple things" are what makes us most happiest. I think all your pictures are precious and perfect whether its tossled BEDHEADS or perfect HEADSHOTS.

PS I bought Bre the Nabi, I researched the product and read everything I could on it and I have to say after (a bit of a harried moment getting everything synced it is an excellent product!) It's just like the kid has their own tablet! The child is also able to take pics and videos. Extra bonus it's built to sustain a kid handling it!! My BEST PURCHASE for Christmas 2012!!

Debbie said...

We bought one of those for Gracie too this Xmas......she loves it!

I kind of stopped blogging too for the same reason....maybe your new "approach" will inspire me :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Would love to hear how things are going with the new shop/store!

Marla said...

Hehe, these are too cute! Reags is killing me with the braids, she looks SO big!

Happy Thursday!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this little B&W series. You never have noise in your photos!!! Love these.

Diane said...

Seeing these two always together just melts my heart! I LOVE how you always seem to capture your family at just the right moments:)) As always, your photography ability in low light it truly amazing!!!! LOVE these black and whites!!!
Yes, totally agree, SIMPLE is better:)))
God Bless,

amy said...

I just love the bond that you capture in such a genuine way between your precious girls. I have been pondering similar thoughts related to my blog. I'm realizing that it doesn't have to be perfect and telling the story or documenting the memory is what matters most. These are the simple moments that your girls will look back on one day and treasure. Your blog is an inspiration and I look forward to seeing more glimpses of what life brings for you this year!! (btw...we ended up getting Lily one of these for Christmas and she loves it too :)) blessings friend!!! xoxo amy

Tara said...

Oh Lisa, I love this post... pictures and words. I think I know two other girls who would love that Leap Pad 2!!! I love the idea of posting more of everyday life. And your everyday photos are always amazing. Here's to a happy, healthy 2013 for you and your family.

Mimi said...

Lovely photos, capturing treasured memories. Can't believe how big they're getting, so I think it's a good decision (well I would, wouldn't I?!) to just put up photos, even if there's no time for words.
I find it hard to get time to blog too, but did a 5-minute post recently and it brought it home to me that I can do that as well as longer ones when time allows.
Happy 2013 Lisa!

likeschocolate said...

What ever you post whether simple or grand is perfect because it is from your heart. So no stress!

Unknown said...

I love these, Lisa!

I always love your work. I mean, that's why I took your class (and couldn't be more thrilled with being pushed past my comfort zone...so thank you!!!!!) Anyway, I love moments like this. Raw. Real. Unplanned. The ordinary made extraordinary. Beautifully done. Can't wait to see more of you around here. :)

Donna said...

Oh My Gosh... I see what you mean about the high ISO! These are gorgeous! I really can't wait to try out some big ISO numbers on my new Canon 6D. These really are STUNNING!

Just curious tho... how was the color? I love the B&W but did you decide to do that because the color was too diluted at this low light level?


Shari said...

I love these Lisa - I have so many photos of Amelia playing video games, because it is her FAVORITE thing to do, but none this cute.

Be forewarned...We started with a laptop at 2, Leapster at 3, ds at 4, Wii at 5, iPad at 6, at 7 she took over the iPod touch I got for Christmas, and at 8 she got a 3ds...she's a total gamer! It scares me sometimes, but I also know that she learns from it...we just struggle with moderation.