Friday Photo Fun!

August 1, 2008

Since I did this last week, I thought it would be fun to continue this as a weekly post!

I will include pictures from our week....they don't necessarily tell a story........they are simply my favorite fun photos.......besides.....your eyes could use a break from reading all of my GAB!

No long winded stories, but I will at least give you a caption under each photo.....I have to write something!!

Just a girl and her dog!

Does anyone want to play ball?

You missed a weed Daddy!

Nick striking a pose on the first day of soccer camp!

We picked up some friends on the way to camp!

Steven, Nick, and Patrick getting out of the car for a fun filled day!!

I love this shot....Sarah's first pair of Chuck Taylors, complements of my girlfriend Shelly and her daughters!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Shari said...

Love the boys excited!

The Chucks are awesome! Sarah is such a fashionista.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Beautiful photos... and the photo of the boys smiling is gorgeous.

But ... I'm confused ... what do you mean by long-winded? I hesitate to know what you consider me then. :)

Jodee said...

Adorable pictures! Those chocolate sneakers are the cutest!

Kayce said...

LOVE those Chucks!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Those shoes are darling!

All the pictures are stunning as usual!

Jennifer said...

Awesome pictures!!!!! I love the one of Sarah with the ball.


Jboo said...

Cool photos Lisa! Great idea!
Sarah is a doll and with the Chuck Taylor's -- so cute!! Have a good weekend.


Lisa said...

Loved all of the pictures!!!! Your kiddo's are adorable.

Kate said...

Looks like a busy and fun week! Love the edit with Sarah's pretty tropical dress!! The boys look like they're pretty tight!! So cute...oh to be a kid in the sweet old summertime, right??? Nothin' better!!

Dawn S. said...

aww, I love the photos! I saw on your profile that you are an ovarian cancer survivor. My mom was diagnosed last Sept with stage 3C inoperable ovarian cancer. She got so weak from the chemo that she almost died in March. Today, her hair is growing back and she is cancer free! Grateful for your health and hers!

Shawnstribe said...

such great photos!!!!
thelast one's my favourite!!!!
ilove the trainers and skirt:
too cute!!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

The CHUCKS are ADORABLE!!! I think every girl needs a pair! I was at a shoe store this week & saw some pink striped converse that I could have swooped up in a heartbeat!

WHAT kind of dog do you have???? It looks like our old Bichon!

Anonymous said...

OK, I am LOVING the shoes.

Kerry said...

Gorgeous photos. Sarah is so darling and I love your photo editing. Her eyes just shine!

Cute shoes! Some things never go out of style!


jenbusymom said...

great pics, they're all so cute! I must check out flikr, I'm still trying to organize all my pics! Love the shoes!

Amie said...

Super cute shoes. Those pics are adorable. Why do you all have to be so handy with your photo editing software. You are making me look lame.. could you cut it out

Very very cute pics!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am loving all the photos... excellent... and esp love the last photo... to cool... take care
My Flickr site if you want to check it out...

Denise C said...

Oh my Gosh!!! I have to show Chelsi this post !!! She will absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah's Chuck Tay's!!! Those are the cutest little doodles I have ever seen!
Great pics of your week!!!
Love ya!!!

Kellyann said... I fondly remember Taylor and Jace's first pair of Chucks!