A Rough First Day....

August 10, 2008

It has been a rough first day.....as we were getting set to head out last night, we noticed Sarah had come down with a fever......a very high fever. I started pumping the Tylenol and she seemed to get a little better so we headed up as planned.......we arrived and Sarah was miserable. She was not herself at all....very clingy and crying, like she was in pain. I feared she might have been starting either and ear or a throat infection.

We got checked in and unloaded all of our stuff and immediately started looking for a walk in center to take Sarah to get checked out. We ended up spending our entire afternoon to find out the she did not have an ear infection, or throat infection, they thought maybe a urinary tract infection and put Sarah through some grueling tests.....long and short of it.....she had some viral infection that just needed to run its course.....by the time we got her back from the doc's she seemed like she was getting back to her normal self.

I pray that Sarah is on the rebound and will be feeling 100% tomorrow....it was really a rough first day....I felt completely helpless.....I hate it when they can't tell you what is wrong....the visit to a strange doctor was not fun.....it was complete torture....she screamed bloody murder the entire time....it was such a horrible feeling!

Thank goodness everything else was just fine....our rental property is so cute.....we are really happy with it....it is very cape cod, and yes they were not lying, we are only 100 yards from the beach. Because of the chaos today, photos were the last thing on my mind, so I hope to get some pictures tomorrow. I want to get some of the property as well as some beach shots.

My sister in law had a graduation party for my niece, so that is where we were for the rest of the evening. Sarah was looking better and better as the night progressed, so I think we are headed in the right direction.

When we got back from the graduation party, Sarah really seemed to be herself. She was running all over the house and finally started to eat and drink......It has been a tense day and we could not wait to kick back and relax.....once I saw her energy coming back I felt much better. I was able to enjoy a drink with my family and truly toast the beginning of a wonderful vacation week!

Check back tomorrow.......we are heading to the beach!!!!

Me and Aunt Betty.....just breathing a sigh of relief that Sarah is on the rebound!!!


Jodee said...

I am glad you arrived safe and sound. So sorry to hear your first day was rough. I hope Sarah is feeling better soon.

Can't wait to see the beach pictures and pictures of your property!

Kate said...


So sorry Sarah is (was by now I hope!) sick!! That does sound like a horrible day!

Hoping to see pictures of smiling and healthy faces later andhear that all is well!!

Take care,


Shelly and Family said...

Oh Lisa...my heart is so going out to you at a time like this...I so know it is not easy when our little ones get sick while away from home. I hope she is feeling better today and that she gets those little piggies in some sand. (the one good thing is that we both know how fast kids rebound from just about anything that "tries" to keep them down...) Please keep us updated on how everything is going and how she is feeling... Luv ya!!!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Oh no poor baby : ( I hope that Sarah is on the mend today. Enjoy your beach day!

jenbusymom said...

Isn't that always the way! It's so frustrating that our little ones have to go through all these illnesses and we can't do anything about it. Poor thing, hopefully all will be well and she'll stay perked up and enjoy the beach today, have a great day!

Kim said...

Glad to see you arrived safe.. So sorry to hear about Sarah.. hope she gets better soon..
Can't wait to see pictures of the beach...

kerri said...

Get better soon Sarah!!
Sorry your first day of holidays was off to a rough start, I agree there is nothing worse tham seeing your baby girl in discomfort and been scared with a new Doctor.
We wish you a great holiday, starting right... now!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Oh no! Poor Sarah! Poor you! Sickness is so unpredictable. I am so sorry! I hope your sweet one is feeling much better today.

Jboo said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a rough day! It's so hard when they're feeling well and can't tell exactly what is wrong. Hope she feels better and you can all relax and really enjoy your vacation! Take care.


Lisa said...

Oh my poor friend!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that...I've been through the same situation with Ellie and I know how helpless it feels!!

But on a brighter note, I'm glad that she is on the mend and that that yucky first day is behind you and you can now enjoy your vacation!

I can't wait to see pictures of your Cape Cod rental house!! Enjoy!

Denise C said...

OH Lisa....I am so sorry little Sarah is not feeling well! Bless her heart...Chelsi has had those "Viral" illnesses as well...and yes they usually present with a high fever! I am so sorry she had to endure such painful procedures to rule out other things! I know all too well the helpless feeling that a mommy feels during those times.
I pray she is well on her way to being her precious little "well" self...and that the rest of your vacation is completely full of fun events!
Enjoy your time away!!!
Love and Hugs!

a Tonggu Momma said...

So sorry to hear little miss Sarah is sick! Hope she gets better soon and can enjoy the sun and sand.

Jennifer said...

Oh no what a rough first day. Poor Sarah! I hope she is feeling better! Enjoy your vacation!


Shari said...

Poor Sarah and Mommy and Daddy!
I know how helpless those high temps can make one feel, my Amelia likes to spike them a couple times a year and they usually hang on 3-5days. Alternating Tylenol and Motrin is our Doc's solution once we've ruled out infection which I know can be oh so fun. Hopefully it won't come back, but if it does lots of popsicles helps:)
Hope you have a HEALTHY and FUN rest of the week.

Kerry said...

Oh- it is so hard on the whole family when the little ones are not well. I so hope Sarah is back to her giggly self soon and enjoys her vacation.

Hugs to your sweet girl.

Kellyann said...

Oh man, what a terrible way to start a vacation. Poor Sarah! I hop she is totally on the mend now.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo~ I am catching up on my reading~ I am so thankful you made it there safe and that Sarah is already beginning to feel better.

Have a wonderful week my friend,


Bridget said...

Not a fun way to start a vacation. I'm glad that Sarah is feeling better and you are enjoying time with your family.