5th Grade.....Big Changes!

September 2, 2008

Nick all dressed and ready for his first day as a 5th Grader!

Nick sharing a special moment with his sis before we take him to school.....Sarah will certainly be lost without him during the day!

I am not sure who was more nervous this morning...Mommy or Nick? We had a little episode last night before bed....Nick was in tears saying that he didn't want the summer to end....as much as he really wants to go and see all of his friends, he was going to miss all of the special times we had this summer. That broke my heart and I didn't sleep a wink....he was really upset, but as you can see, he woke up all smiles this morning!

Sarah and I took Nick to school this morning and attended the opening liturgy. We don't find out who his teacher is until the first day of school......the kids start the day in their old classrooms and then come to church for mass......after the mass has ended each teacher stands up and calls out there new students....it is major excitement all around....everyone wondering who they are going to have for a teacher!! I was a little nervous that Sarah wouldn't last sitting through it, but she was so good and enjoyed seeing Nick walk up the aisle to go to his classroom with his new teacher....she screamed out his name!

We are in for some big changes this year....they are relying on the kids to be totally independent. This is also the first year they will be changing classes for every subject. We have been told, no excuses for missed assignments.....points will be deducted for any missing homework....it is the BIG league now. It should be interesting to say the least!

Nick's first assignment was to bring in 3 things from home to help him describe his family....this was for relegion.....here is what he picked:

My favorite Italian Cookbook, because we are Italian and we love to cook.

A Book on China Adoption, because we have adopted one baby here in the US and will be adopting another from China.

A picture of our family on the beach at Cape Cod, because that is our favorite place to vacation every year.

I thought he did pretty well and was proud of what he picked!!

Looks like we are off to a good start!

I had to post this picture....this is the only time I have ever seen him do homework with a smile....I needed proof! Trust me, he will not be smiling like this when the real homework starts!! I also think he enjoyed the fact that most of the homework was intended for me......fill out about 100 forms that all say the same thing and cover all his books with contact paper......not fun!

Nick couldn't wait to unwind, so he played some Guit.ar Her.o after the homework....don't you just love the tie....I think the nuns would love it!!

I think Nick missed Sarah as much as she missed him.....he played hide-n-seek with her after school.....she was trying to hide behind the cabinet, but Nick found her and she squealed with delight...she loves this game!

All and all we had a great day.......day one under our belt......how many more days until the Christmas break?


Jboo said...

Oh my gosh -- that Nick is so cute!! Watch out -- I think the girls start calling in 5th grade! The first day sounds fun and I so remember doing all those book covers! Sounds like a great day. He and Sarah are so sweet! Enjoy the school year -- it'll go fast!


Jennifer said...

What a cutie Nick is!! He looks so stiffy on his first day of school.

Sounds like he had a great day!

Love the picture of him with his tie around his head.

Kim said...

Nick is very handsome.. and what a Great name...
He will have fun at school..
Have a Great Week..

Jodee said...

So glad Nick had a great day! He looks so handsome in his uniform!

We are already counting down the days until our fall break in October!

Love the pictures with you and Sarah too!

Our Complete Family said...

Lisa! You guys made it through day 1~ Yes! Nick looks so handsome all decked out! I wish Bryce's school was like Nicks on day one. How special to tie in a liturgy with the suspense of finding out who your teacher is going to be. Very neat! Bryce had mass today, actually! They're much more strict with the kiddos~ in that they have to kneel a certain way, have to put elbows here or there. I'm not that tough on him in church...he goes, he listens, he learns. That is all I ask! Anyhoo~ thanks for the congrats on the award! Carried tagged us both with it so I couldn't pass it on to you again, otherwise I would have! Enjoy your special Mommy/daughter days with Nick back in school. Happy day wishes to you hun~ Hugs, Les

Kathryn said...

OMG!!! You are so funny, Richie starts school tomorrow and is in bed as I write this calming down after being very anxious about school in the morning.
Nick is very handsome and so cute with your little Sarah!! Can't wait to see my son with a baby sister.
I am dreading homework and the constantly trying to keep my son focused on what he is doing. If he spent half the amount of time on actually just doing his homework instead of complaining how much he has to so , he would get done so much faster. UGGG!!!! If I had a dollar for every minute of stalling to finish his work I'd be a millionaire.
Hope all goes well when the real work starts!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!
(there is about 100+ days till Christmas break)

Michelle R Photography said...

Nick is such a handsome boy!! For some reason, I can only view the top photo, but it's a great one.

I have never heard of a school doing the first day like his does, but I can only imagine the excitement that builds up around announcing the new classes. That's really a great idea.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Nick looks so handsome and my so grown up!!! Nick can come and hang out here any time...my boys play guitar hero and rock band. I'm happy to hear that Nick had a good first day of school : ) Today was Tyler's first day of school too. I asked him how class went and he said the football coach was his teacher so the class only lasted 10 minutes (the coach had film to watch) Ty said "I think I'm going to like this class" LOL I thought "how much am I paying for that class again"?

Kayce said...

What a handsome boy! Love the tie around the head shot, what a way to unwind! The year ahead will be great I'm sure.

Shari said...

I am 8 years older than my younger brother. My mom brought him to a school mass when I was in 5th or 6th grade and when I went to communion he yelled. "Sharedee" because he couldn't say Sharie.
My friends called me Sharedee all the way through 8th grade. I hope Sarah can pronounce Nick well:)

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love the winding down part of the day (with the neck tie wrapped around Nick's head!!) I will have a 5th grader next year!! I can't imagine it!!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Did I miss that you sell Silpada?? I would LOVE a catalog!!!!

Shell in your Pocket said...

What cute pictures! I love the tie! I thought it was funny b/c your last picture your son is at the table with his belt laying there. That is the first thing my son does when he comes home from school...take the belt off!!!

I am with you!!!!....trying to work on my 9 year old to be more independent with his work. It is in my nature to "hover"...great posting!

-Sandy Toes

day by day said...

Oh, what a handsome young man he is! That would have broke my heart too, and I don't blame him as I never like the end of summer, either. : )

What a neat way to start the school year...having the new teacher call their name if they are in their class...really gives them something to look forward to!

I love the pic of him and Sarah on the floor when he came home from school...so cute!

lol about the 100 papers that all say the SAME thing.....so true!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Nick is such a handsome fellow! I can't imagine how hard it was for him to let summer go. He had such an amazing one!

Laura said...

He looks so grown up with his tie. Sounds like he had fun. Good luck witht he rest of the year.


Shelly and Family said...

I love Nick's choices on three things to bring with him to school that reflect he and his home life...

For Nick...have a great school year!!!

Did you check your schedule for when we can meet for lunch? Let me know....

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Nick looked so (cute? handsome? not sure what would be right for a big 5th grader?) on his first day of school. And I love your wreath on your front door and beautiful yellow flowers! So pretty!

M,R,J1,J2 said...

I'm glad you're smiling Nick! You're a handsome young man. Have a great year and enjoy the 5th grade!
Best wishes from Orlando,
Michaela & Family

kerri said...

What a handsome boy, he looks so grown up in his school uniform!
Jen went off to grade 1, all day, everyday, I am missing her so much!

Shari said...

Sounds like he had a great first day at school and in the pictures he looks so happy!!! I am sure Sarah missed hiim but will love all her time alone with you!! Enjoy the school year! I am sure it will fly by!!

Amie said...

What a sweet BIG brother. Love that last pic of the two of them.

Happy 1st day of School!!!He looked so cute. Sorry, handsome and grown-up(but also cute! ;) )5th grade is a BIG year! I bet he will have a blast!!

Happy Day!


Lisa said...

Nick looks so cute in his uniform. Sounds like he had a great first day.

I think that's neat how they announce the teachers on the first day.

I also think Nick picked out the three perfect items to describe his family.

The picture of him with the tie wrapped around his head made me laugh. He is way too cute!!

Anonymous said...

If you are taking bets on who was more nervous I would have to place my money on you~ he looks calm cool and cooect and CUTE!!! Girls are going to be knocking at your door!!!

Love his 'unwinding' photos and the moments between him and Sarah.

Rebecca Lily said...

Nick is adorable. Love that he is both sweet AND has some mischief in his eyes!!! :) I have a 5th grader too this year... doesn't it seem BIG to you???? Feels like a major milestone...

Love the photos, as always! Your family is just beautiful.


PS I think the nuns would definitely dig the tie!! :)

Kerry said...

Your little man is too cute. Love how he unwinds. So glad that the first day went well and that he is ready for the year ahead. Good luck Nich.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Love the photos... such gorgeous kids...

Anonymous said...

Nick looks so handsome in that first picture! Glad to hear that you are off to a good start with school :-)

Alyson and Ford said...

Love the family pictures! Back to school always did seem to signal "no more fun"! Here's to making the summer last a little longer.
Thank you for all your support and comments; we love reading your blog and can't wait to have a "first day of school" experience too!


Bridget said...

What cute, cute pictures - Nick is adorable. He looks so cute in his uniform! I hope he has a great year in school and enjoys all of the changes!

Catherine said...

What a handsome young man you have there and an adorable younger sister too!