A New Trick and A Treat!

September 4, 2008

Sarah had a new trick up her sleeve tonight!!

Typically when I come home with her in the car, I get out and gather everything that I need to carry into the house, then I unbuckle her and get her out. Since we are now in the independence stage, she prefers to climb out herself instead of having me carry her, which by the way, I am thankful for because my hands are usually full! Well, tonight she jumped out of her carseat, looked at me, and then hurdled over the center console to get in the drivers seat....

22 months old and ready to drive a car!

Well, this was funny for about the first minute, but everytime I tried to grab her, she would jump over the console to the other side of the car. Thank God I had the keys, because she hit the lock to keep me from getting her twice......If the neighbors were watching they had to be hysterical....I was running around the car like a lunatic...in heels no less!

After I finally thought I had her cornered.....what did she do you ask....she jumped to the third row seating where she thought I could never get her....

Mommy had the keys in her hand and hit the hatch....BUSTED.....game over!

She screamed as I pulled her out of the car and then stood in our laundry room clutching the door because she wanted to go back out and play in the car!!!

Can you say MELTDOWN? Well, mini meltdown....it was over in about 2 minutes, but only because we were having Spaghetti for dinner and when she saw the noodles....the tears miraculously went away!! Good little Italian Girl....pasta works every time!

Now For The Treats!
A treat for Sarah....her new costume! Thought we would give you a little Halloween Preview.....just the back....not the front, you will have to hold out for that!

A treat for me....while digging in the basement for more fall decorations I found lots of goodies that I had forgotten about! It was like going shopping in your own house....and everything was free!! The mantle is finished, but I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing....it looked to far away, so this little section will have to do...I think you get the idea...it screams "Autumn"

My find of the night..... this old vase.....but it was broken....the back was cracked and a big chunk of the pot was missing, typically I would throw it out, but I started thinking....not so fast, maybe I could still use this...so I strategically placed it so the broken piece was not visible and filled it with the white pumpkins....WALA!!! This totally made my night!

So, I got Tricked and I got a Treat.....and it isn't even October!!


Jodee said...

Those car pictures are hilarious! I bet your neighbors were entertained too!

Your fall decorations look fabulous! Can't wait to see the front of Sarah's costume. It looks sooo cute!

Jboo said...

I know another girl who LOVES to get into the driver's seat too!

Her costume looks very cute and love your fall decorations! Very cool -- looks like you are ready for fall! Have a fun weekend.


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

LOL too funny!!! My son Kenny was like houdini. He could escape out of his carseat at lightning speed LOL I can't wait to decorate for fall...I need the contractor's to leave LOL I love all your decorating! I just ordered Livi's costume from Pottery barn last night and Miss Addison wants to be a butterfly. A purple butterfly (she is very specific).

Football and Fried Rice said...

You are SOOO getting ready! Adorable pics in the car & I can't wait to see that whole costume!!

Lisa and Tate said...

What a little car prankster! What a scream for the viewing neighbors.

Love your decorations, especially the butterfly.

Rebecca Lily said...

You are so creative with the vase & your mantel arrangement!! Just lovely!

I am LOVING the butterfly costume. You are on the ball my friend... we haven't even started thinking about what we're going to be yet!

I laughed and laughed thinking of you running around the car in your heels, trying to catch your spunky girl! Glad the spaghetti eased the pain of being caught. :)


Shell in your Pocket said...

Such cute pictures! I love the costume...a sweet butterfly she is!

The fall decor is great and I love how you stuck the Fleur in with it...special touch!

-Sandy Toes

Briana's Mom said...

LOL! She is a fast one! And so cute too!

Love all the fall decorations!

Lisa said...

I love the car pictures, she is way too cute!!!

Sarah's halloween costume is adorable, I can't wait to see the front!

Your fall decorations are beautiful!!

Have a great weekend!

Lucy said...

I'm just catching up on your blog. I love this post. What a hoot with Sarah in the car! I love the second picture, that smile is priceless! I'm inspired by your autumn decorating, it looks so pretty! You are ahead of the game, I'm impressed you already have Sarah's Halloween costume! Can't wait to see the front!

jenbusymom said...

I love Halloween, can't wait to see the front of the butterfly. How fitting for her since you've now seen how Sarah can fly around in the car, a game I know all too well with my Maddie! Nothing can hold her down!

Great decorating!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Awesome fall decorations! I love when you forget that you bought something and then pull it out and...surprise! You have something fun to use for free! Sarah looks so cute, can't wait to see the front of the costume! Also, yep, I am pregnant, due Feb. 4. :) I am going to have my 20 week checkup soon, after which I hope I will relax. I am such a nervous nelly about all this. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

hi! i just stumbled on your blog and i LOVE it!!! i really enjoyed this post :) it sounds like something my sisters and i would have done at that age! she is absolutely precious! i look forward to coming and visiting often!

be sure to swing by the pink potpourri...i host a giveaway every weekend, so come by, check it out and enter to win this weeks' prize!

Weeksie50 said...

Your Sarah is to cute!
I love you decor. It is beautiful..


Our Complete Family said...

The trick was hilarious to read about~ although, I'm sure not hilarious for you to go through! The treat~ well, she is just as darling as can be! I Can't wait to see the front of the costume! And the fall mantle? LOVE IT! Are those real white pumkins or imposters?!? I haven't found any reals out here yet. I'm stalking some stores though!!! Happy Friday hun! Les

day by day said...

Oh, funny! That was quite clever of her to run and lock the doors so you couldn't get her...glad you had the keys! It is hard to stay one step ahead of these busy little ones, isn't it? lol!

If you get the chance...I would love to know where you found the costume. It is Ella's request to be a butterfly this year and I am not having an easy time locating one...lots of butterfly fairies...but no butterfly.

Kate said...

Uhhh....yeah...what we have here is what WE commonly refer to as "a livewire". You totally have one. A livewire requires special attention in all things...but provides entertainment and laughs galore...so buckle your seatbelt (Bwaaaa hahha hahahahaha)...and hang on. You are in for the ride of your life with this child!!!!

And frankly...I may have paid money to see you running around that car....is that mean???

Lovely fall decorations. I may have to blingfold you before you enter my home.

Happy weekend!

3 Peanuts said...

Love the fall decorations!! So cute! I cannot wait to get into a house so I can decorate. I love Halloween!


Shari said...

That is so cute, Amelia LOVES to play in cars. Last night at the mall she couldn't eat because she wanted to play in the minivan that was parked in the food court so badly!

That costume is adorable. I think I almost bought the same one last night;)

Deb said...

I'd hide the car keys in a safe place if I were you! LOL
Too Sweet!

I'm still in denial for fall....I'll wait til we come home from our vacation before I start.

Love the lil' butterfly costume!