Must Be With Us At All Times

June 12, 2008

Yes...these are the two things that must be with us at all times.....the pacifier....AKA: Nu Nu and the bunny blanket.....AKA: Bun!

Sarah has always been a pacifier baby and this little bun has been with her since she was 5 days old......Aunt Ann and Dee Dee surprised us with a visit from Cape Cod and this Bunny was Dee Dee's gift to Sarah. It is so cute it is a stuffed animal and a mini silk blanket all in one.

We used to put it in the bassinet with her and she had this thing where she had to sleep with her face would either be the blanket or the bunny up over her the beginning I was horrified....thinking she would stop breathing under there....but it was her thing and we got used to it.....when people would come to visit they would freak out to see that she covered her face!

We have always had to have the Nu Nu with us at all fact I have them everywhere...a couple in my handbag.....some stored in the kitchen cabinet and I am always finding them in the toy box!

Over the last two months....bunny has become permanently attached to her and when he is not with her she cries....bun....bun...until she holds him in her arms. He is getting pretty ragged looking and I have had to pry him out of her arms at night to get him into the washing machine for a cleaning. I never realized how attached she is to this bunny and I am starting to get nervous....we don't have a back up Bun.....I have been looking online to find one, but have been unsuccessful to find a duplicate.....we better be extra careful with him!

Nick was a pacifier baby.....I hate to admit it, but he was almost 5 until he gave it up completely! As he got older, he would only use it in hiding! We finally decided that he had to give his pacifier up and the best way to do it was to leave it for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and in return, Santa would leave him an extra special gift! It worked, but if you could have seen him when he had to put the pacifier on the plate with Santa's Cookies......he was saying good bye to your closest friends! It was hard to watch, but we had to get rid of it! That pacifier is stored in his memory box! We now joke with him whenever we are missing one of Sarah's Nu Nu's.......we accuse Nick of stealing it.....he gets a big kick out of it!

When I was little I had a big gingerbread doll...he looked like a giant stuffed gingerbread cookie and I called him Gingie.....he went everywhere with me. I will never forget as a teenager we were cleaning out closets in the house and I found two and was so surprised.....Mom had a back up, but never needed it! The original is still with me....stored away somewhere in the basement!

What does your little one cling too or What was your security as a child?

Have a good night!


Shelly and Family said...

Francesca loves her home-made afghans my mom makes. When we went to China, I had my mom make a crib size one for us to use over there (it was not fancy...nothing like the work my mom can really do) Anyway that afghan, while in China and afterwards, went everywhere with us (she bonded with the afghan faster than she did us)! She became so attached to it, that over time, from all the washings, it started to fall apart. The good thing was that my mom got started on another one right away and we were able to get the new one broken-in before the original one had to be 'retired'. Since than, we have gone through a lot of afghans made by my mom. They are still her favorite...and to this day, she can not sleep without one and is still her comfort zone-thing.

Thank you fo asking us/me to share our story as well. I really enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the great work!

Becky said...

Followed the link for Colleen's blog.

My oldest has a Taggie (and we only have one that will do) that she received for her 1st birthday (about 3 weeks after coming home from China) and it goes everywhere we do. I wonder what she is going to do when she starts Kindergarten in August. My youngest has a frog head blanket type thing from Pottery Barn Kids that we took to China with us and it has been part of her since. Fortunately I bought 2 of them so I can change them out when it need a washing.

Look forward to following your blog....

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by...
Your family is Beautiful..
Have a Great Weekend..

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Olivia is 5 years old and loves her blankets (she has two of them). Livi also keeps a few paci's in her night stand next to her bed for those just in case moments LOL We are very relaxed about bottles, paci's and blankets. We allow our children to give them up on their own terms. I drank my bottle until I was 4. I swear I don't drink it anymore. I still twirl my hair for comfort. My boys drank their bottles until they were 3 and 4. My son Tyler sucked his paci (we called it a plug) until he was over 5 years old. He used to keep it in his pillowcase. My Addison is very attached to a pink pig (from pottery barn kids), a elmo and a blanket. I gave Addison the blanket when we met in China and she took to it immediately. I lost the blanket on our last day in the HK hotel and I started to cry. I had everyone from the hotel looking for the blanket. They did find the blanket : ) We bought 4 more blankets as back up once I got home.
My boys were all big blanket babies After carrying around their blankies forever, the blankets fell apart slowly but surely LOL we ended up with just a piece of the blanket left LOL

Briana's Mom said...

Briana has a doll that she calls her "baby" and she sleeps with it every single night. We gave it to her when she first got home from China and she LOVES that doll. If you squeezed it, it would kiss and say "I Love You". So when she rolled over on it at night - it would talk. It would scare Doug and I to death in the middle of the night - LOL! So needless to say, I removed the box. This doll is getting pretty worn out. I actually have a back up "baby" in case anything happens.

Briana never took a pacifier so that is one less thing I have to detach from her!

Kate said...

Oh...a topic near and dear to my heart. Lia was given a pink teddy bear when we first got home from China. Despite the fact that I encouraged her attachment to a cute littel stuffed giraffe I had bought and had in her crib for many months, she LOVED the Pink bear more than anything. We named him ('s always been a he!) Bear-y Manilow....but that name never stuck and he became Pink Bear (so original!) and then just Pink or Pinky. We guarded that guy with our life. We lost him once in the grocery store, but some kind soul propped him up on the banana display and we found him. I was lucky enough to find a spare online. They are both loved to near death now as I change them out for washing etc.

Lia is slowly losing her intense attachment to good old Pink...we really don't take him out with us anymore...but he is always in her tight clutches at nap and bedtime to be sure. We really consider him the 4th family member.


Jodee said...

Carson and Kamree both have lovies, in addition to their thumbs. Carson has "Bear Bear" which is similar to Sarah's "Bun" but is a bear. Kamree has a pink blanket, which she calls "B," that I have to sneak and wash also. I plan on having "B" cut into two this weekend so we have a back up! She drags "B" everywhere!

Jboo said...

Maddy had a stuffed monkey for the longest time that she took everywhere and called "E". She loves her stuffed animals and somehow keeps track of them all. Now that she's a bit older (all of 6!), she picks different stuffed animals that seem to get a lot of attention for a week or more.

Thanks for you kind comments! Sunny weather forecast here for a while - yay!! Have a good weekend.

DC said...

One of my little brothers used a pacifier until he was almost four. He also didn't speak until he was three. My parents took him to all kinds of specialists, thinking there was something wrong with him. Turns out, he just didn't have anything to say. The first time he spoke actual words (as opposed to his normal grunts), he formed a complete sentence: "B did it." ("B" was his brother.)

To this day, my mute-until-three, brother-blaming bro is a total weirdo. Go figure.

Unknown said...

what a beautiful photo