Weekend At A Glance

June 16, 2008

Saturday morning was the first time EVER that Sarah slept in her crib for a nap! Yes, for almost 19 months this child has never slept in her own room or crib for that matter. As a baby she napped in her swing or her little carry seat, but at night she would not sleep anywhere but with us.....you got it....for almost 19 months we have had her with us and it is really starting to wear on us! She is getting bigger and she is so restless....none of us sleep well! I am hoping we are on the path to getting her in her crib once and for all!

I never had this problem with Nick, he slept in his crib pretty much from the day we came home from the hospital.....Sarah is a different story! Not only will she not sleep in her crib, one of us has to be with her to get her down, so if we have company, she will not go to bed until we go up with her and get her settled. This weekend we had neighbors over for cocktails on the deck and she made it until 11pm. Saturday we were on the go most of the day and did not come back until 10pm. Sunday we had our Father's Day celebration and the last of our company left around 10:30pm, so she did not go to bed until 11pm. We are down to one nap a day and I cannot believe that she does not collapse of exhaustion! You would think she would be miserable and cranky, but it does not seem to phase her at all.

I know that everyone always says, never put your children in bed with you, they will never sleep in their own rooms. Well yes they are right, but how are we going to break the pattern? I keep telling Pat that we will get her in her room when she has a sister to sleep with her instead of us!

Sarah in her prime! This is how happy she is even with minimal sleep.....I wish I looked this good after a late night!

Uncle Mike came for a visit on Father's Day! Mike is Pat's twin brother(fraternal twin) and even though we do not see him often, Sarah is very attached to him! Every time he left her sight she would call him.....it was so cute....I think Uncle Mike is just as smitten!

Uncle Mike brought the girls with him.....Mona and Lola......the wiener dogs, as Nick calls them! As you can see, Nick is still wearing the new Notre Dame hat.....I think the only time he has taken it off since Wednesday, is to shower and to go to bed!

Nick has a new girlfriend! Mona took a special liking to Nick and would not leave his side.....every time Nick would get on the floor with her, she would give him kisses!


Kerry said...

Beautiiful Photo of your sweetheart. So peaceful and wonderful that she was sleeping so happily in her crib.

All the best!

Bridget said...

Such sweet pictures. Here's hoping that she will continue sleeping in her crib:) She looks so sweet in there! Looks like a fun Father's Day weekend! Have a nice week!

Jodee said...

Sarah does look so sweet sleeping in her crib! I hope she loves her crib soon. We have problems going from the crib to a big bed. When we moved Carson to a big bed, we seriously looked like an episode off Super Nanny. I think we took him back to his bed 30 times in one night!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Oh she looks so peaceful in her crib. I hope she continues to sleep in the crib for you. I was an only child and my parents brought me to bed when I was an infant so I didn't fuss. My poor mom had to lay down with me at night until I was about 10 years old LOL I swore my kids would never sleep in my bed. Well we made it through 5 of them. My husband gave in with our little Addison. He started laying down with her when she woke up in the middle of the night. It started out innocent but soon became a habit. I warned him, but before he knew it, Addison "needed" her Daddy in the middle of the night. I was just happy she needed him and not me LOL So we had to be tough and break the habit. Now Daddy walks her back to her bed and tells her to go back to sleep, kisses her and leaves the room. It took a few nights but she knows now that she needs to go back to sleep by herself. Hang in there : )

Lili said...

Sarah looks so cute with her Uncle. I bet she has him wrapped around her little finger.

Deb said...

Way to go Sarah! She looks so peacful.
I'm loving the sweet little pony tails too.

Thanks for your prayer support,yes we are going threw alot but prayer is totally keeping us covered.

DC said...

The pigtails are just too freakin' cute! Glad she's warming up to the crib. :)

Thanks for checking in on me! I've had zero blogging time today because I've been so busy working on adoption paperwork. Exciting!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Gorgeous photos... so sweet... sleeping with not a care in the world... take care